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Frau Abeer Ezz

GVS High School Acting Principal
Head of German Department
(24 years teaching experience)

“Teaching with passion is key to being capable of giving, motivating
& enduring students which is the essence of Education.”

Chief Examiner in the British Council for the IGCSE and AL
German Speaking Exam (Cambridge & Edexcel) since 2005
Has been nominated in 2012 as the Best Examiner in
IGCSE/GCE education for long service, commitment and for
generating opportunities for students to fulfill their potential.
Advanced level German teacher.


GVS student ElSchaimaa ElSaba was awarded
Outstanding Pearson achievers (Highest Mark in Africa) in
Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level Germa.


GVS student AbdElRahman Shamel was awarded
Cambridge High Achiever award in Foreign Language German.