Preschool Stage

The German Preschool


We believe that children can reach their fullest potential if they develop a positive self-image. To emphasize this, our preschool offers an environment in which they can learn to choose their activities, cooperate, share and form varied friendships.

At preschool age, social, emotional and motor development are areas that need to be nurtured with care, skill and understanding. It is more important that children learn basic social and practical skills such as making friends, solving problems, asserting themselves to a given cause, developing dependability and independence – rather than learn their ABC.
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The Preschool is a complete German-immersed program suitable for children from 3 and above. Children absorb the German language and culture naturally through their daily activities.

Attending our German Preschool for the whole school year is an excellent way to allow non-German speakers the opportunity to achieve enough fluency to enter Kindergarten. Children will do only German language during Preschool because, generally speaking, it is the least spoken in their environment and because this is the best age to acquire a new language. Acquiring German as a start and establishing foundation skills in participation and self-expression will facilitate learning English and Arabic later on. This is how we intend to achieve our School Vision:

                                             “TO BECOME AN AUTHENTIC TRILINGUAL SCHOOL” 

Children begin to acquire the German language through speaking in sentences. Teaching is not done word for word by means of repetition. Children slowly understand and become familiar with new words and structures within context. Drums are used to represent words in sentences, one beat for each word. With the use of rhythm and movement, children understand how simple sentences are formed out of chunks – words.

Children learn new words within meaningful and highly interactive contexts and activities: through doing, playing, moving and singing. Drama, singing and using instruments are integrated into lessons. Every opportunity is accompanied by the use of language, like using the bathroom, washing hands, eating, etc. As a result, children start producing language and naturally apply correct verb forms within context.

Children are encouraged to use their senses to explore their different abilities: visual, auditory and kinetic. Through games and action, they learn in a rich and lively atmosphere. Playtime allows them stress-free chances to mingle and communicate. We aim to motivate and interest the children to achieve maximum involvement at all times.

Positive reinforcement is used to help children develop a positive self image. Circle time allows every child to have an equal and quick response from the teacher. During this time every child’s voice is heard and appreciated. This special bond with each child will make everyone feel special. This is the positive and creative individual we aim to nurture in Preschool.