About the Program


Providing opportunities to GVS  students to expand their exposure and knowledge in their areas of interest or their potential career choices.


  • Gathering data about parents’ jobs and feasibility of providing internships for students for a set period of time.
  • Gathering data about students’ interests and potential job careers.
  • Bridging the gap between opportunities provided by parents and students’ demands.

Steps and Procedures of enrollment:

  • Parent / Guardian fills the Internship form ( Parents’ version ).
  •  Students fill another form providing their interests ​.
  •  The school administration will be doing the mix and matching .

Why should a Parent participate ?

  • To invest in their knowledge by doing a good deed paying it forward.
  • To help make this project a success by providing a wide variety of opportunities to meet the demands of the students applying for internships.
  • To increase the chances of your child getting an internship as priority will be given to students whose parents have already provided internship opportunities.

Why should a student participate ?

  • To  gain the experience of  exposure to the ” World of Work “.
  •  To help them decide on their potential career choice based on concrete experience.
  • To develop their skills