IGCSE Admissions

IGCSE Admissions

British Division

Getting Ready for the German language

Option 1
Candidate students are welcome to join the summer school at GVS for a German language course. Students enrolled in this 3-week language program are required to attend all scheduled sessions from 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m, on a daily basis (exclusive of Fridays).

•Option 2
Alternatively, should a candidate student prefer to study the German language on his or her own, a German language primer will be available for self-education. Yet an assessment test shall be held in September to assess language potential and achievement.

Siblings Admission     on  11 Nov – 16 Nov 2019
Regular Admission     on   17 Nov – 23 Nov 2019
Late Admission           on    23 May  – 30 May 2020

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