A Message From GVS Management

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year at The Green Valley School! We hope you are SAFE  and WELL enjoying a great holiday with your family.  

At GVS, we are always committed to ensure a high standard of education for all students; we offer a stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment to ensure our students experience success every day.  We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment. The result is outstanding students who are independent and confident, inquisitive and enthusiastic, responsible and compassionate.

We believe the school years are the most formative of a child’s life. These early years can breed intellectual apathy or curiosity to seek knowledge.

A time marked by creative, social, and emotional development, and characterized by a lifelong love of learning and the joys of new, diverse friendships.

Parents, you play such an integral part of this journey. We ask that each day, you take time to discuss the day your child(ren) had at school to review tasks and accomplishments with them and to ensure that they get enough sleep and are prepared for the challenges that awaits them during the next school day. We ask the students to come to school each day with their minds and thoughts set for learning, to be ready for the aforementioned challenges that will await them at GVS

Let us all work together to ensure a great school year, our doors are open, ideas are welcomed and we all look forward to a great school year with our beloved students all around the school.

GVS Management

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